My first love is graphic design, my inspiration is photography.

I’m offering photo shoots to anyone who is interested. Whether it be a portrait that captures who you are; with your friend or your partner; or something cool and quirky. I’m offering a 1.5 hour shoot in a location of your choice around the Tweed/southern Gold Coast, including twenty high resolution images for $100. (travel costs may be added if necessary)

When was the last time you had some quality photos taken of yourself? If it’s been a while, or if you have any questions,

email me at

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Here is a selection of my own photographic journeys.

I am constantly looking to see certain subjects in a different way. Taking a photograph gives you that power, and allows you to change how others see.

“Everything around us, ourselves included, is in constant change. Photography is our means of capturing now – and to remember where we’ve come from.”

– Amanda Van


4 responses to “Photography

  1. J

    Just out of curiosity, when camera brand/model do you use. And your lenses?

    • I use a canon 550D, I mainly use a 18-55 or my 55-250 lens. Do you specialise in nature photography? Are you based in Australia?

      • I shoot a variety of things, but I do enjoy shooting landscape. I want to get into some portraiture when I get back home though. I’m currently traveling around Australia and getting some alright photo’s. How long have you been doing photography on a business level? I think I found your sight through Roxy…

        • Your travelling would be so inspirational, that sounds wonderful. I mostly do graphic design but I have such a love for photography as well, and a lot of my graphic work has a photographic base. I have been interested in photography for a few years now, I set up this site initially for a marketing assignment. By the end of the year I will have another one set up properly under my working name. While I’m studying this year I thought I’d put photography sessions up on offer to bring in some extra funding.

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