Irina Werning is an Amazing Photographer

I am absolutely loving this photographers site. She is wonderful. The following are parts of her website that caught my attention:

“These rural schools in the Andes Mountains of Argentina are true frontier outposts: the few scattered windows looking out to the civilized world that are available in the far off northwest corner of the country, home of the indigenous Kollas.

The boys and girls that attend them are isolated in their communities and cut off from the urban civilization of an otherwise fast-pace developing country. Through teachers and books they get an imperfect glimpse of that remote urban culture. For some, emigration to the cities is a future option but for many their future is tied to their land, their families and their ancestral routes. A few very powerful routines dominate the daily existence of these students aside from working the land with their parents every day after school. Football for boys and long hair for girls function as status symbols replacing those consuming goods and articles that dominate teenage life in the cities of the globalized world.”

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Click here to go to Irina Werning’s website.



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4 responses to “Irina Werning is an Amazing Photographer

  1. Great photos.
    This reminds me of a movie I saw years ago – group of people live in a village where is deep inside the bush. Everyone lives their life if they were still in 16 century and everyone believes that’s how the world was. Until one day a girl went through the bush and discover the modern world…

  2. Ooh I really love this photographer, I think my favourite out of the photos you’ve posted is the one with all the long haired girls outside, the ones inside are a little creepy yet intriguing. Reminds me of that horror movie the ring I think? But absolutely wonderful work.

    • I get that same feeling from them, they come across a little creepy because we have such different cultures. All of the girls have long hair in this place. The photographer has taken the photos in an interesting way, pointing out the customs and solitude of the town.

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