Blast from the Past

Where did I begin…???  I’d say that working on this piece for Visual Art in the HSC 2007 was when I really thought about art as being an active part of my future. I loved working on this piece, I was so calm. It was such a patient process. I worked with coloured strips of newspaper and glue to create images of my home town. This work which I handed in for my HSC project got nominated and selected from the 2007 New South Wales visual arts students to be part of the 2008 Art Express exhibition. My work was later picked up by the department of education, who sent me a lovely cheque to buy my work. It still remains a part of the William Wilkins Collection in Sydney. I love this story because I understand that this is where it began for me, when I realised that I really did have the potential to do what I wanted in life.

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4 responses to “Blast from the Past

  1. Wow, Louise!! YOU ARE TRUE ARTIST!! I LOVE them!!

  2. Such beautiful work Lou, thank you for sharing this with us. What medium is it?

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