My Latest Statement

This idea began as a simple one – liner that I wrote down during a ‘morning pages’ session. I was planning to see how long the shower would stay dirty for if I didn’t clean it. When I read it again later I found it really strong, I could imagine it really well visually and thought it would be very expressive in the typography book that we are planning to print. I love this. I feel that it turned out even better than I thought initially. I also did versions in black and white but I think the colour version has more character and also makes it easier to understand the objects that were used in the layout. I hope my housemates don’t take any offence… it is just art..!

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8 responses to “My Latest Statement

  1. I love how these have turned out. I think doing them as two photos is a great idea because the whole sentence in one go would have been too much. It also means they make a great layout or spread as well.

  2. I really like the use of household objects around the house to create the typography. It makes the message very clear and strong. Even though I have not seen the black and white version I think the coloured version would be much stronger.

  3. Wow Louise, this has come a long way from your original designs you posted earlier! I particularly like the use of the McDonald’s logo. Is your ‘e’ made drawn out of coffee…?

  4. Its pretty funny reading back through your morning pages and having strong feelings about something you wrote or in mine having a laugh about something I wrote. I love how you have made your type out of objects that were laying around your ‘messy’ house.

  5. Looks fabulous Louise, and looks like you really had fun doing it. Boys should clean. I wouldn’t mind a house boy! (Thats a bit wrong isn’t it)

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