Peter Hollard

Peter Hollard is an artist that I came across while using Blogspot. He is an artist who uses mostly charcoal, graphite and pencil to make amazing drawings. I think I connect with his work because much of it is based on his experiences in Europe. I have not seen Europe with my own eyes, yet, however I love anything to do with the place. When I see anything that screams Italy, France or the UK for example, I feel so inspired. It must be something to do with the age of the place, of how many great things have happened there. Whatever the reasons, this is what caught my eye about Peter Hollard’s art.

“Welcome to this exciting new adventure for me as I reach out to like minded souls. This is a place to expose my visual art works. A forum to share my loves, passions and discoveries. A chance for you to enlighten me by adding discoveries you have made that might delight, intrigue and inform my own practice and life.”

one of many great works by Peter Hollard



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4 responses to “Peter Hollard

  1. Penny

    I love this work. escher- esk but with humour. Colours are great too!

    • I know, the colours are so rich and earthy. That’s another reason why Peter Hollards work is great, it must get hard working with dark tones sometimes but he always makes it work.

  2. Great color using and detailed face expression give viewer a lot imagination. Reminds me Mc-Escher–-mc-escher/#respond

  3. I love the richness in this picture, although there is not much colour there is such strong presence in it.

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